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what people say about Heather

"It was such a privilege having time set aside to focus on my goals with the wonderful Heather. I work in a role supporting others so it was a blessing to have time invested in me to help me flourish. Her knowledge and skills in coaching, coupled with her gentleness, warmth and loveliness made for life-giving sessions. Heather's coaching helped me reflect and understand myself better, better than I had thought, and to remain true to what I wanted from a career, rather than compromising. Through this process I have been successful in finding a job that meets my values where I can flourish. Thank you so much to Heather!"

Rebecca, S. Yorkshire

"For me, it was thoroughly practical and immediately applicable. Heather is so encouraging and has a gift for facilitating ideas. I really appreciate that the ideas are mine and not an unrealistic goal I ought to achieve that has been thrust upon me.
I think we all have jobs we need to get around to; after my last coaching session, I got around to one of those that had been hanging over me for longer than I care to remember. And I did it! And it was liberating! Thank you Heather!"

R.W, BSL/English Interpreter


"Heather has helped me work through a range of issues and identify the best way forward in dealing with them. Heather’s style gave me confidence to comfortably discuss issues that were personal to me and see them through to conclusion. These issues would normally have stayed under wraps and their not being resolved would have continued to have an unnecessary, unfavourable influence on my life. Heather can make a person feel comfortable, relaxed and open to challenge in a positive and supportive way. She created a safe environment allowing me to explore options and solutions which I would normally have ignored. This in turn increased my confidence and gave me the drive to solve challenges constructively.

I wish Heather a bright future in coaching others as she did me to confidently solve challenges rather than let them bubble under the surface; it’s amazing to experience that answers do actually exist within us!"


AT, London

"Discussions with Heather helped me become more confident and start to believe in myself more. I can highly recommend Heather as an understanding and caring person who treats one’s problems very seriously, has a lot of patience and a very good approach to her work. She always comes up with good questions that help to analyse and rethink one’s life and values. Thanks to Heather I have always managed to come up with very good conclusions at the end of the sessions.

I have enjoyed the sessions with Heather which have helped me to understand my situation better and improve my life quality and understand my values."


Agnieszka G, Wrocław, Poland

"I really enjoyed working with Heather. In our sessions I worked on goals in a number of areas of my life and Heather was great at pulling together the various themes that emerged. Being coached by Heather was a really positive and rewarding experience. She was patient and calm and I benefited hugely from her insight, guidance and support. Throughout our sessions she helped me understand my strengths and how these could be used in each situation to help me achieve my goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Heather’s coaching to friends and colleagues."

Vicki, Surbiton

"I confess that I was surprised at the profound impact that Heather’s coaching has had. I normally reckon to be able to sort out problems on my own, perhaps with a bit of advice from someone whom I respect - but the coaching sessions with Heather helped me in a number of unexpected ways.

Firstly, starting coaching forced me to become objective enough to define the problem. the surge in confidence and optimism that came from identifying the problem and specifying my goals was significant.

She helped me identify achievable goals to allow me to move step by step towards resolving the problem which was immensely encouraging and she challenged me to specify deadlines to make the changes that we had agreed as reachable targets, but nonetheless a stretch. When we talked about my reaching these goals, there was a tremendous sense of achievement.

Overall, I felt I learned techniques I can apply to future problems. I learned that by identifying issues objectively, breaking them down into individual tasks and making realistic but clear deadlines for change allowed breakthroughs to stagnant areas in both personal and professional areas - I am a "do-it-yourself’’ person by nature, but I am certain that I would not have been able to make the progress I did without her help.

ln spite of the fact that I have learned techniques which I can, and will, apply  to future challenges there is something extra that Heather brought into the equation. Partly, the sensitive way in which Heather helped me see the problem from a different perspective, partly the way in which she helped me identify discrete goals out of an amorphous problem area; and partly the special sense of joy and achievement when success was shared.

These sessions have been a very valuable experience, and I have learned a great deal about myself as well as new ways of approaching intractable problems. I would be glad to recommend both the process, and specifically Heather, to others."

MG, Cambridgeshire

"From our first session I felt completely at ease, Heather has a very caring, supportive nature and I felt like she genuinely cared about my progress. She was particularly good at supporting me in setting really positive, motivating goals. These sessions have been so valuable to me as I have achieved things I have been putting off for years; by stopping meaningless tasks I now have more free time and have massively improved my social life and even have a new hobby!"

B. Brinkley, Personal Coach, Stanstead Abbots, Herts 

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