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When people are willing to make changes and take their lives to a new level, coaching can have a profound impact in helping them move forwards. 

Life happens, and sometimes we find ourselves stuck and feeling frustrated. However we don’t need to stay that way. I believe we all have inner ‘gold reserves’ we can tap into, given the right support. 

So how can you rediscover that hidden treasure, and what it takes to live a life that is truly fulfilling and rewarding? Let coaching be the first step.

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Coaching is not about giving you advice or guidance on how to run your life, nor is it counselling.

Coaching can provide you with clarity, insights, motivation, direction, momentum and the chance to achieve whatever it is you are going for.

What do I offer?


  + A confidential space where you will be listened to: the only agenda is yours

  + Opportunities to tune into yourself, and become more self-aware

  + Insight into negative thoughts or beliefs that might be holding you back, which can be         replaced by positive, empowering ones

  + A chance to dream……and to go for it!

  + Support to develop the responsibility and motivation needed to realise those dreams

  + Help in structuring a step-by–step strategy

  + A Positive Psychology strengths-based approach

  + The option to benefit from resources for use between sessions 

  + Email / text support as needed

Contact me for a free 30 minute session – we’ll talk, and take it from there.

For the best version of you.




to be the person

you want to be. 


to cope with life’s ups and downs.  


to value yourself and nurture your wellbeing.

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